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Editing template files and wanting to see results...

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  • Jake Bunce
    Previewing template edits before applying them isn't so easy. vBulletin pages are comprised of so many templates that previewing just one wouldn't work well without the context of the rest of the page.

    You should just create a new style that isn't user selectable. Apply your changes to that style so you can see them before applying the same changes to your public style. As an admin, you can click on the style's name in the Style Manager to view that style, while other users cannot.

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  • Editing template files and wanting to see results...


    Is there a programme that will allow me to see the results of any template edits I do, before I upload them to my vB style?

    Sorry to admit this, but I currently use MSFP (aarrgghhhh I hear...) but when I view the page I don't see the full layout becaue of the vB variables etc. Is there a way i can set a parameter in FP or any other prog such as Dreamweaver (which I would purchase if this was possible) that would allow me to enter a few parameters so that all of teh page showed in preview moded...??

    Hope that makes sense...!!

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