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Upgrade problem!! URGENTLY NEED HELP

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  • Upgrade problem!! URGENTLY NEED HELP

    I uploaded all the files ok, and ran the upgrade script without any problems, but now none of the files work! All I get is a white screen. The admincp/index.php file works ok, because it displays the log in screen, but otherwise no files work. I can't even log in to the admin CP because login.php won't work?

    What the heck is wrong?

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    Reupload the files, and make sure that there is no whitespace in config.php after ?> or before <?php


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      I re-uploaded all of the files, and checked config.php, and it STILL gives me a white screen.


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        Whats your URL?

        What versions are you upgrading from/too?


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          The URL is

          I'm upgrading from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3

          The upgrade went ok, no errors or anything, the files just won't work.


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            First start by deleting install.php, next upload from the DO_NOT_UPLOAD folder, tools.php and use it to reimport the style.


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              You still have install.php in your install directory. You need to remove that.

              try it after that.

              if it still don't work download the zip again from the admin area and reupload.

              It's possible that your original zip was corrupt


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                Originally posted by Zachery
                First start by deleting install.php, next upload from the DO_NOT_UPLOAD folder, tools.php and use it to reimport the style.
                I did that, and it STILL doesn't work. Also, install.php has been deleted. What the heck is wrong???


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                  Umm...I really need help ASAP. I've already done the upgrades, so I need to get 3.0.3 working immediately...


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                    Did you try reimporting the style with tools.php?


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                      Yes, I re-imported the style with tools.php. I also checked to make sure the correct style document was uploaded, which it is.


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                        Reupload all of the xml files, and use tools.php to reimport each one. (make sure the xml files get uploaded in ASCII mode and not biniary).

                        Then if that does not work, delete tools.php and try this(


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                          No, even that didn't work. All it does is give a white screen that says "Rebuilding options". The forum still won't work, and even if the admin CP does, I can't log in because login.php won't work!


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                            Ok, well Im out of options, create a support ticket in the members area and make sure to provide ftp, phpmyadmin and an admincp login as well as any other revelant information that may prove as usefull to the team.


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                              White pages are due to one of these causes:

                              1. You did not upload the vB files correctly. Reupload the vB non-image files and make sure you upload these in ASCII format and that you overwrite the ones on the server.

                              2. You have extra space or lines in your config.php file. Make sure there is no whitespace or extra lines in config.php either before the <?php or after the ?>. Make sure you upload the 3.0.3 Admin CP files to the admincp directory specified in your config.php file.

                              3. You have added code to your header, headinclude or phpinclude templates that is no longer functional.
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