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How do I limit forum to custom group?

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  • How do I limit forum to custom group?

    Searched the admin for a bit, but could not find an option to limit a forums visibility and posting permissions by custom user group? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Permissions
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      Yes..... I saw that's where it is done too....

      Question: (because I have the same need)
      A society forum where only society members are allowed to view and post.

      In this instance would we disallow all user groups except the new one created specifically with permissions to view and post here?

      Does disallowing the moderator group here prevent the forum moderator from doing his stuff?

      and also where I get confused....
      Obviously all society members are also "registered users".... so do we disallow registered users group from viewing and posting to this new forum too?
      (I presume it is correct to create the XYZ society members (group) as a "Usergroup Based off of Usergroup: Registered Users" ? )

      My board has only just started, but I have a feeling that I am going to end up with quite a few different society forums, each with their own members. I can see a problem here, (or am I mistaken?) as when a new members group is added, for a new society forum, then the previous XYZ's members group appears in all forums, and then they need to be disabled in each one of them. The more society forums (and their user groups) that are created, then the more forums that there will be with the need to disable the growing number of user groups belonging to other societies.

      Unless.... we can create a new society forum and immediately allocate/limit it only to its own user group. That would be the ideal..... perhaps that can be done? But I can't find it.



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        Not sure I follow all that. Simply put, edit each usergroup/forum permissions to allow whatever you want each usergroup to be able to do. Presumably any Moderator of that forum would also be put into a Usergroup that has access to this forum.
        Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
        Change CKEditor Colors to Match Style (for 4.1.4 and above)

        Steve Machol Photography

        Mankind is the only creature smart enough to know its own history, and dumb enough to ignore it.


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          OK... let me explain step by step... yes, it is a bit complicated in its logic

          a. Create a new SocietyA forum
          b. Create a new SocietyA user group
          now, buy editing the usergroup/forum permissions, members of SocietyA can access its forum.

          so far so good

          Now create a new SocietyB forum
          And a new SocietyB user group.

          Now.... we find that SocietyA forum also now has SocietyB users available to it, but access on by default .... so we have to go back and turn them off.

          3. and so on... adding new Society forums and new user groups.

          4. by the time we have reached SocietyZ, we have to go back to all other SocietyA to Y forums (and all other places where they cannot be allowed to go) and disable access to usergroupZ.

          The problem is.... every time a new user group is created, we have to go edit all the other forums where they are not allowed to read and post. It becomes a larger and larger task.

          Hey.... when a new usergroup is created, even the Moderator's (private) forum or any existing "announcement only" forum inherits the new usergroup members, with access on by default.

          Hence the need to:
          1. create a new forumZ
          2. create a new usergroup for it and at the same time specify the one forum (forumZ) where they can view and post (but no other forums)

          The only (theoretically) practical way that I can think of (as a work-around) would be to create a new user groupZ cloned from bannedusers, and then turn their access on for the one forumZ. (At least then, they would have access turned off in all other forums by default) Would that work? (Bearing in mind that their prime usergroup is still Registered Users, so with that identity they can still get to other public forums).

          (I still have to figure out how the Moderator of forumZ can tag a registered user as usergroupZ to let new members in).



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            I see what you're talking about, I would suggest making the main category and have all the other forums under it, now, by default on the top category lets call it main, to keep things simple. So mains permission is by default not to let anyone view it. This would filter down though all its sub forums and sub categorys.

            Main (customized permissions here all sub forums inherit the default)
            Forum A
            Forum B
            Forum C


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              Thanks That works nicely.

              Now all I need do is create a new user group with no permissions, (which prevents them getting at other forums - except with their right as "registered user"), and then alter the permissions of that new user group on the one new forum as it is created to allow them.

              That way, although they are "registered users", groupA is the only group allowed to view and post to forumA in that forum and not other private forums.



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