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how do i add template in my style

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  • how do i add template in my style

    I have a hack that needs me to add a template to my style, it says:

    In your AdminCP - Styles & Templates - Style Manager - Add a new template called....

    I know the style manager, but there is nothing that says add a template..


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    You go into:

    Admin CP --> Styles & Templates --> Style Manager

    There's a list of your skins available; find the skin that you want to apply the hack to (there may be only one) and there's a drop-down menu on the right side of the skin's name. Select from the menu "Add New Template," then name it and put in its contents in the respective fields.
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      thanks. how do you delete a template (not a Style, just an individual template)...

      Also, when I add a template, it goes under Custom Templates, but i need it to go under a specific template name, how do i move it, or delete it and create it so it shows under the correct category...



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        If you have a 'custom' template and you click 'revert' it will delete the template.


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          thanks. How do i create a template in one of the main categories. Like, i have the CMPS templates (portal) and I need to add a template, but it keeps going just in the main section, not in that "folder"


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            Thats a question better suited for vBa's website, but just so you know, you dont need to add any hacks to add templates.


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              true, but i'm just trying to know how generally...

              Say I want to add a template, and I want it under

              forum display templates>>

              How do i get in into that template group. WHen i create a new template it just goes to the top under custom templates.....

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                you would need to name it forumdisplay_TEMPLATENAME


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                  Yes, i do that, but they don't show up in the template group, they show up at the top under custom templates.


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                    found a tutorial


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                      Template Group

                      Question: How do I add a Template Group linked to a product.

                      I noticed the tutorial where a modification of a php file is explained. But I noticed that some products add a Template Group + Templates.

                      How do I do this ?

                      Please help!


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                        You'll need to modify the code for that, please ask for help with this on
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                          I posted the question in the wrong forum

                          I actualy have vBulletin 3.5.4

                          I have a product and it installed:
                          1. Template Group
                          2. Templates
                          Since users may find this thread via Google, you may want to answere here on the question: How do I add Template Groups in vBulletin 3.5.4+?


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                            Colin answered this in post #12.
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