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Problem with Thumbnails

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  • Steve Machol
    The .thumb files will at least need to be chmod'd to 644.

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  • Carter876
    started a topic Problem with Thumbnails

    Problem with Thumbnails

    Hi all, it is one year that I use the thumbnails without problems, my hosting has GD Version bundled (2.0.12 compatible) therefore I used it without problems, but a week ago are started the problems about the thumbnails, I can't see anymore the thumbs but i see only the classical error of IE with the red "X" however if Click above the image I open it correctly, therefore it is a problem of thumbs and not an attach problem.
    I have made various tests and I can't succeed in resolving the problem, I have tried to disable and to rehabilitate the thumbnails, I have tried to make the rebuil of the thumbnails but unfortunately I can't see anymore the thumbnails
    I have found an anomaly and I don't know if the problem derives really from this, in my attach folder (I use the method of storage in Filesystem) I see that there are 2 files:
    127.attach with Chmod 644
    127.thumb with Chmod 600

    If I try to change the chmod unfortunately it doesn't change, is it possible that my problem depends on a wrong chmod of my files (my attach folder has chmod 777) ????

    Do you have some suggestion to give me?

    Tnx in advance


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