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  • pig headed vbulletin

    Why is it impossible to log into my vbulletin on my server only with one username? Your software pigheadedly refuses to give me a new log-in screen despite having loged out (AND I have NO OTHER browser is open at the time!!!) and keeps on logging me back in with the same username I just logged out of. I have deleted all cookies and still it goes back to the same goddamned username. I am totally pissed at vBulletin. Is there a bug in version 3.o3? Can I return it and get my money back?

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    Did you delete manually remove your cookies via the browser, and close your browser?

    Have you made any changes to your cookie settings as of late?


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      Originally posted by Zachery
      Did you delete manually remove your cookies via the browser, and close your browser?
      I deleted ALL cookies manually wherever I could find them, including via the Windows "Internet Options" utility, (deleted all temp files too), but didn't close browser every time.

      Have you made any changes to your cookie settings as of late?
      Non at all, since installation. I run Ad-Aware6 recently and de-activated the WindowsXP firewall. No other changes were made on my computer.
      This used to be a problem when I had another browser open to vbulletin (one for admin, another for front page checking).


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        Untill you close your browser (to close IE and remove it from being an active task) all cookies remain in memory, you need to clear your cookies and close your browser, its an IE bug IIRC.


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          I need to close and re-start the browswer every time I want to switch from vBadmin to the vBfront page as a non-admin to check out the change I just made?

          OK, I know windows has lots of bugs, but isn't there a way vB can work around this rather bad one?


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            No, once you clear your bad cookies, you should always be able to logout.

            Ive only had this problem during the early betas while i had vB2 and vB3 running.

            Are you running another copy of vBulleitn on your website, or perhaps another forum software?


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              I have vB3.0.3 as the only forum on my website.

              I just re-started WinXP and got an error message:
              RUNDLL - error loading win32\bridge.dll
              So, it's back to fixing windows AGAIN. Talk to you tomorrow about cookies.

              Having to log out of all open browser connections to change username has been bugging me from the beginning. Is there no way around that?


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                I am sorry, but those are browser related issues and not vBulletin.


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                  bridge.dll is spyware, its a good chance your system is infected with it, has a very good staff who are good with helping with such things


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                    ... as is

                    You may also want to download and run the latest version of HijackThis - then post the results from a scan on that www site for the tekkies to interrogate and advise as to how you could clean up your infected PC.


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                      Zachery and TheMusikMan, you really know your stuff. Your answers makes a lot of sense, because the problem started after I ran Ad-Aware6 (as mentioned in my 2nd post), it must have removed a registry entry for bridge.dll. So there is no need to replace this bridge.dll - that's good to know - thanks.

                      I'll have to follow your leads and update my old spyware agent, thanks for that info as well.

                      However, now I am no longer able to log into my vB-admin, it just keeps on asking for the password (which I did NOT change!!!). I am able to log into the vBfront page with the same old password, but not the admin.
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                        Sorry to read you are still experiencing these issues. Are you using Firefox by any chance...? Just curious to this as I sometimes have cookie login/logout issues using this when I try to access my development forum.

                        Have a look here for some interesting links to several useful progs that will help you rid your PC of lots of nasty critters.

                        For everyones info: it is a link to a thread on my forum that I use for keeping useful links for my members.

                        Mods: I hope doing this is OK...


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                          No Firebox that I would have installed. But then, who knows what gets installed on my PC these days, by others, behind my back and without my knowledge.


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                            Firefox is an alternative browser to Internet Explorer. Many people, myself included, consider it superior to Explorer. You might want to try it:



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                              Out of curiosity did you upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3 at the time this started happening?

                              Being unable to login is usually a sign that you dont have the correct files uploaded from the upgrade. Specifically login.php and admincp/global.php
                              Scott MacVicar

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