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Forum editing no longer successful (no redirect link 'changes successful' page appear

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  • Floris
    Could you please goto the Members Area and click on 'Contact Us' and fill in the details to your server, ftp, phpmyadmin and url to your forum and user/pass for admin access? Then we can look into this for you.

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  • Xiaopangzi
    I haven’t heard from anyone regarding this problem, and hardly anyone has viewed this thread, so I’m getting ready to delete the entire folder (a sleepless week’s worth of work) and begin again, hoping that the problem won’t reoccur, especially around the 1,100 category mark again. I’ll decide for now to blame it on Yahoo! Web Hosting database (their crippled MySQL and/or PHP versions) rather than on the vBulletin package until I discover otherwise. I just wish that someone could have posted a suggestion during the weekend. I can’t wait any longer, not knowing whether a response will actually come, so I’ll just begin again from scratch.

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  • Forum editing no longer successful (no redirect link 'changes successful' page appear

    After a week of creating a hierarchy of more than 1,100 nested categories to which I intend to add numerous forums, I am now suddenly unable to “Add Child Forum” or edit existing category forums. I do see the “Add New Forum” window and can input text in all the fields as well as set the radio buttons as desired, but after clicking the “Save” button, I am presented with a blank blue screen with the “Forum Manager” title bar. In other words, the ‘forum changes successfully saved’ (can’t remember the actual text) page with the redirect link no longer appears after clicking “Save.” When viewing the actual forum, it is apparent that the new forum was not created.

    This problem began early this morning, and after doing some rebuilding this afternoon with the “Import & Maintenance” options in the admin control panel, the ‘unsuccessfully’ created forums did actually appear.

    I then proceeded to add new forums again but still had the same problem, unable to create any forums successfully. Now, when I try to do the same things with “Import & Maintenance,” the attempted forum creations do not appear. Therefore, maybe it was something else that I did this afternoon that enabled those forums to appear.

    Nevertheless, I have not seen any ‘changes successful’ page with a redirect link after any attempted forum editing since last night.

    I’ve searched and browsed this support forum as much as possible but haven’t found anyone else with this problem, unless the title of their posted similar problem is nondescriptive.

    Note also that no error messages appeared at any time.
    Last edited by Xiaopangzi; Sun 19th Sep '04, 4:10pm.