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How do I go directly to a new reply...

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  • How do I go directly to a new reply...

    In ubbthreads when a post had a new reply you coud go directly to that new reply when you opened the thread. How do you do that in Vbulletin without having to change to Linear-Newest first? I want the replys to be in order from oldest post to newest but I want it to go straight to the new reply whichever page it may be on.

    Also is it possible to highlight the newest post when viewing the thread list like in this picture: post.jpg

    The new unread post is highlighted green.
    Will it take a board modification to do that?
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    Hi runes911

    This is easily accomplished in vB303.

    When you have selected the 'New Posts' search, in the column that shows you the names of the repliers to posts, and also assuming that you are using one of the default vB303 templates, there is a little image that looks like this .

    Simply click on that image and it will take you to the latest reply in that thread without having to change to linear > newest first, or without having to scroll through the list of replies until you get to the last post.

    This button can obviously be changed according to your template. On my customised version, the button in that column is much bigger and looks like this >

    Hope that helps...


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      Thats a nice feature but say the posts are 3 different pages and the last post I read was on the middle page. Is there a way to get the the last post I read? Ubb went to the last reply you read when you clicked the thread link automatically. My users aren't that bright and they hate change, but I like Vbulletin too much to go back.


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        If you have selected to subscribe to that thread, then you would have received an email informing you that a reply to that thread had been made - and clicking the URL within your email would take you to exactly where you want to go.. i.e. to the last post you have unread in that thread - even if there had been a further 1,000 replies to the thread in the meantime.

        This is a standard feature of BB's...