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I'am 100% this is a bug in vb .about Update view Thread.

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  • I'am 100% this is a bug in vb .about Update view Thread.


    iam sorry if i have creat many topic about this problems but this time i need to explain what i have done and what i have test to see is this problem only in the hacked Forums or clean Forums..

    first of all I have convert my Board from phpBB to VB3

    after long time i ago .. i see our thread is not view some of member asking me ..why the view of the thread is not change .. so i have chick it ..and it was truth .. also about most user online this never change .. from the time i convert till know ..

    Ok know after i have posting many topic some of the vb team was saying that maybe that becz i have mess with the code

    so here is whati do

    i go uploud a new vb3 in other folder and i use the same Config.php

    and i go chick and i give the Url to other person to chick the thread if it is update or not ..

    and it is the same problems...

    so i think this is not From the hack i have add or anything this is becz when i convert ..and there is something is messing with the SQL ..

    can some one please help me with this ..


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    Sorry I couldn't understand this. What I suggest is that you set up a test forum with the original vB files and templates. Then see if you can duplicate this problem with that forum.
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      Are you talking about thread-views not updating immediately? This is a new option in vB3 to save server-load.

      Go to your AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Server Settings and Optimization Options -> Update Thread Views Immediately
      If this is set to no, which is the default AFAIK, thread views will be updated once per hour (See the description). Set this to yes if you want them to update immediately.
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        ohhhhhhhhhh thankyou the problem is Fixed


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