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Inviting friends by new Members, while registering...

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  • Inviting friends by new Members, while registering...


    I have just bought the wonderful vBulletin.

    Basically, I want that when a new member registers with my network, he should provide some email ids of their friends so that an automatic invitation can be sent to these email ids.

    I was wondering if there is any mod around which makes it possible for a forum admin to enforce a new member, while registering, to provide atleast 2-3 or more email ids of their friends and then automatically send an invitation to those 2-3 ids stating that this member has invited you to join our forums. The invitation message should be customizable.

    Is anybody working on this mod... if not then please consider this as my humble modification request.

    Best Regards

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    This feature is currently not available. The best place to ask about mods like this is at the custom coding site:
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