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  • Most effective backup strategy

    Hi All

    I need to instigate an effective backup strategy on my www site for both my vB database AND my vB files.

    What is the easiest way to make a replica development site (with valid vB license of course) on a different account/server of the production/live site...? Would it be to simply take a MySQL backup of the databse using phpmyadmin, and a zipped up copy of the vB files, portal etc then upload them onto the alternative web account/server...?

    Reason: I need to create a 2nd installation of my live vB environment for use as a backup in case of loss of service etc on the live site.

    Advice please... thanks

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    Basically you need to:

    1) make a backup of the database, move it to the new server, and restore it to a database on the new server.

    2) backup the files and move them to the new server.

    3) edit the includes/config.php file on the new server to point to the new database on the new server.

    4) login to the Admin CP for your forums on the new server. Change the forum URL to match your new server. You may also want / need to edit the cookie settings.

    If you have any specific questions about the process, let me know.


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      Hi Jake,

      Many thanks for posting this. I do have a question - in particular about number (2). When you say in this step to "backup the files"... do you mean literally take a backup/gzip of the entire vb forum directories (php files, images etc), then copy and unzip this all onto the new server location...?



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        The easiest method is to FTP into your old server, download the forum directory. FTP into your new server, upload the directory.


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