Stupid Question: $stylevar[imagesfolder]

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  • Mark.B
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    Stupid Question: $stylevar[imagesfolder]

    This is a very stupid question, but where on Earth is $stylevar[imagesfolder] set????

    I have several child styles that call this and it causes a different image to be pulled from the image directory. I have just created a new child style in which it defaults to the parent style.

    I have checked the stylevar section of the templates and none of these call the root image image folder, they all call one directory down, eg /yellow/misc. I want to call /yellow. It's working in all the other styles, so where is it set??

    Yours baffledly,

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  • Jake Bunce
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    • Dec 2000
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    No vB3 templates use that variable. That sounds like a vB2 replacement variable that was converted to vB3 format during an upgrade. vB2 styles do not work with vB3, but they are carried over during the upgrade so you can refer to them.


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