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    I trying to link a forum with a url in the control panel but when i enter the web address and then click on it it gives me a 404 error.I even tried other web addresses.Example when adding a new forum named test and then you can enter a url in the box below the description of the forum.It says

    Entering a URL here will cause anyone clicking the forum link to be redirected to that URL)

    but when i do it doesnt work.any suggestions? i enter it like this


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    I don't understand what you mean with 'link a forum'.

    Do you mean you want to have the forum description you add in the control panel > forum manager > to have a link ? If so, it is just <a href=""></a>


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      this is what i'm doing.i'm adding a new sub forum for how to do's and i'm making up a seperate web page that i want to link to when they click on the how to do section.i really want to do something like this site

      but i cant get a answer from anyplace on how to do it.i e-mailed the webmaster at that site but they said they are to busy.and i tried at have any ideas.thanks


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        If you want to setup a section where forums are actually links to other URLs, you can add a new forum, have it not act as forum (so it is a category) and then add child forums to this parent, and set them to act as forum, but instead of setting them up, add a link to these full pages, I think it is the third input field that ask for a link, include the http:// in front of the link otherwise it might end up in a 404.

        How to do additional vBulletin pages is totally up to you, at this moment we don't offer a content management system.


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