Recommended Tools and Websites to help you run vBulletin.

Jelsoft Provided Resources
vBulletin Forums - vBulletin Community Support Forums. Participant in a member helping member community with tips, tricks, contests and customization ideas. - Add-ons, Plugins, Products, Templates, Styles, and Graphics along with other enhancements for your vBulletin System.

vBulletin Documentation - Learn the ins and outs of maintaining your vBulletin Installation

vBulletin Member's Area - Download vBulletin, get support. Also available are over a dozen import scripts, a graphic developers kit and additional resources.

Software Packages
Textpad - Advanced Text Editor that can be used to edit post submissions, PHP code, HTML, or any other language you throw at it. Multiple help files, syntax highlighting, multi-file search and replace, "unlimited file sizes" are just some of its features.

UltraEdit - Similar to Textpad.

Syn - Opensource and Cross Platform Text editor

GIMP - Opensource and Cross Platform Graphics Editor

Crimson Editor - Free Programmig Environment that provides syntax highlighting for your code.

Adobe Photoshop Elements - Affordable Graphics Editor that can read the vBulletin Graphics Development Kit without the expense of the full version of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop CS - Considered the standard in graphics editing by serious designers.

Putty - Windows-based SSH/Telnet tool that allows you to connect to your server via command line.

Beyond Compare - File comparison tool that allows you to compare your running files with new release files to maintain your add-ons and modifications.

Araxis Merge - Another file comparison Utility.

WinMerge - Opensource File Comparison Utility similar to Araxis Merge and Beyond Compare

Topstyle Lite - Free Windows based CSS utility with live preview and syntax checking. There is also a commercial version that has more options.

Adobe GoLive CS - All-new Adobe® GoLive® CS software delivers what you need to create professional Web sites.

Dreamweaver - Premiere WYSIWYG HTML Editor that can be used to design layouts.

Namo WebEditor - Another WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Namo is more affordable to the hobby webmaster than Dreamweaver but less feature rich.

MySQL Administrator - Mysql Control Center from MySQL AB. Provides a GUI interface to your MySQL Databases.

W3Schools - At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need,
from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, XSL, Multimedia and WAP.

DevGuru - Online reference for Javascript and other programming languages.

DevShed - OpenSource Programming Resource covering many languages.

SitePoint - All around Webmaster Resources website. Online since 1997. SitePoint also publishes a series of books dedicated to the webmaster. - PHP's home page and resource site. Get access to the PHP documentation and other resources to learn the programming behind vBulletin. - MySQL's homepage and resource site for their non-commercial users. Get access to tools and utilities, documentation and upgraded versions here.

Additional Scripts
phpMyAdmin - This is a web-based administration console that you can use to directly connect to one or more MySQL databases.

phpAdsNew - Advertising Script that handles rich-text, graphic and flash ads.

Scripts that integrate with vBulletin

Hivemail - Offer your users an online email service for free or fee. Offers a nice but customizable interface

Photopost - Offers your users photo galleries and has basic integration with vBulletin's user groups.

vBAdvanced - Portal Style Front Page for vBulletin that is configurable and expandable.

Subdreamer - Content Management System.