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Please Help Very ugent!!! Can't change options

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  • Please Help Very ugent!!! Can't change options

    My GD Version program crashed. BUt i don't have root access to the server to turn it off or restart it. And i setup taht member must see the image to register. So now when ppl want to register they can't. becoz the image won't display since my GD 2.0 crashed. I wanted to turn the setting off from the forum options in anime panel but. I get this error
    PHP Code:
    Fatal errorUnknown function: gd_info() in /home/myaddress
    What should i do to turn it off and beable to access the option panel in admin control.

    I've thought of go into the database using myphpadmin directly to change the setting. but there are numbers and such i don't know waht to edit.

    Please help me. I just want to turn the require image for sign up off. until i am able to fix the GD version. Very urgent! thanks

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    Send the details through to support using the Members Support form. Please also include the login details for the admincp and phpmyadmin.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. I got it fixed now. lucky there are someone who got root access to fix it online. Thanks again for the quick reply