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Expiring a member's cookie

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  • Expiring a member's cookie

    I have a member who is in the process of self-destructing. I've placed her in a usergroup with very limited capabilities. Originally, I left her able to view member profiles. She was systematically viewing profiles in order to PM members in a concerted campaign to disrupt the forum. Normally, I'd have banned her already, but she's one of our oldest members, and has over 25,000 posts.

    I changed the usergroup permissions for viewing profiles while she was logged onto the board (she rarely logs off). However, it LOOKS like since she was logged on at the time the change was made, she can still view profiles. When I logged in with out test member, that user could NOT see the information.

    My goal is to force her cookie to expire, so she'll have to re-logon, thus resetting her permission.

    How can I do that please? And quickly....

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    Changing permissions are instant. The next time she/he clicks on a link to view a profile it will provide the permission denied message.