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    Hello all,

    I have noticed that login in vb3.0.3 defaults the redirect to the page from where login has been carried out. So if one logs in from outside vb the login will bring back the page from where you logged in. To overcome that I copied the login to another name and changed the code in the new file where it redirects to original page to the the forums page. When I login from outside non-vb I use this new file.

    My questions does the usage of 2 different copies of login file have any nefarious consequences, i.e. will it be the cause of any future problems that may affect the security of the site? This question is important as I need to login from outside vb, as I have vb integrated into a portal system that isn't vb based.

    I'll appreciate a response from any of the wise ones here. Thanks in advance.

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    You can specify a redirection link by using this hidden field in the login form:

    <input type="hidden" name="url" value="[color=red]URL OR PATH[/color]" />
    As long as both login forms call vBulletin's login.php script for the form action, they should both do exactly the same thing and not cause you any problems.


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      Thanks Jake. I just didn't think of this solution... It's like the Columbus' egg!

      With this tip I just about sorted everything including problems in logout from outside vb. I hope to contribute soon at with phpnuke login hack for vbulletin. The login is working at

      Thanks a lot once more Jake.