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Poll problem vbulletin 3.03

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  • Poll problem vbulletin 3.03


    Some users have reported inability to vote in certain polls while they should be able to. I fired up PHPMyAdmin to take a look.

    It's a straight 1 choice poll with 5 options.

    151 people have voted in the poll, but only 22 make sense and really did vote. The others are bugs. Voted at time 0, and their choice equals their user ID. Highest is 6860.

    This is not the only oddity with polls, but it's the nastiest. The other is polls imported from Ikonboard. Any action in them deletes the whole content, so we had to close all those topics.

    What's going on here and how can we fix this?

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    We've just deleted all false records (SQL query), but why does it happen.

    BTW, all polls imported by Impex from Ikonboard 3.1.1 were corrupted in this way too (Ikonboard records who voted, but not what). I guess this is responsible for the bug. All imported polls had to be closed to prevent dataloss.