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Who's Online Viewing "No Permission" Message

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  • Who's Online Viewing "No Permission" Message

    I have been watching my who's online today and I notice a lot of Guests are showing up with the Red Stop sign and it says "Viewing "No Permission" Message" with this as the location here.

    That is my Main Page.

    So I use one of my other computers and go to the same URL as a guest. I check the Who's Online again and I see myself on the other computer. Location is the same as the other guests but mine does not show the "No Permissions" Message and the others do.

    Can anyone explain what might be going on?


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    Not sure what you mean. The 'no permission' message means that this user is trying to view something they do not have permission to view.
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      Originally posted by Steve Machol
      Not sure what you mean.
      My Who's Online says this is the location here that they are getting the error message. "I don't see how this is possible" I can go to this page as a guest and not show the "no permission" stop sign on the the who's online page.

      Would the forum index show up as the location if they were trying to go somewhere else?


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        I am getting the same message and the user who is trying to see "No Permission" page is Google Crawler.

        Could anyone explain it to me why Google Crawler wants to view the pages on my forum what is not permitted to public?

        here there is an image from my page.

        Google wants to view not permitted page.

        I really appreciate it.


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