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  • Showthread Loading Slow


    For some reason showthread most of the time takes AGES to load, all users effected..

    I am only loading 15 threads per a page and sometimes it can take a min or 2 to load..

    Ive been trying to figure it out for the past few days and what ive come down to is that when i open up a thread for some reason it loads ALL of the images etc before it loads the page.. which is causing it to take ages to open..

    On all the other parts of my forum (index forumdisplay etc etc) the images are loaded after the page is..

    Also when the showthread is loading i click on View Source and it seems that it stops loading at random places.. like its only loaded 80% of the source then sits there for like 1-2mins before it loads the rest..

    I know its not php thats causing it as this shows
    Page generated in 0.16236901 seconds (83.25% PHP - 16.75% MySQL) with 14 queries

    Any ideas ??

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    What browser are you using? And what is the URL to your forum?

    I know IE will show that behavior when a page contains nested tables. Does your style use lots of nested tables?


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      I am using IE6

      This is really weird..

      I have make another template set with the default templates in there..


      <table width="100%"><tr><td>

      Footer i add at the top:

      When i do this the page will take AGES to load if there is alot of images in there, its loading the images before its displaying the page which i dont want..

      I need half my board in a table as of the way the header is.. is the url to my forums..

      anyone got any more ideas, or how to stop IE from doing it..

      I even copied the source code from one of the showthreads and put it on my other server, loaded it in ie and it does the exact same thing..


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        PS: Please ignore my footer!..

        I deleted my footer by accident when trying to figure this out so i had to revert to the origional..


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          Your entier site is incased in a table, that is why there are slow loading times with IE, IE will NOT render any table data untill it has the whole table.


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            Ah ok...

            Just so i under stand a bit more..

            IE will download all the images etc in a table before it shows it?? or am i wrong..

            I thought the page should just load then download the images, it does this on every other bit of the forum except when i view a thread..

            bit confussed.
            thanks for your help so far.


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              ive changed it all to use div's now.. seems to work.

              but im still curious to why it does it..


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                Originally posted by Stevez
                but im still curious to why it does it..
                That is just the way IE renders a page.


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