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  • HateBSC2
    New Member
    • Jul 2004
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    • 3.0.1

    How do I add the date

    I want to be able to show the date next to "The time now is" so that it looks like this:

    All times are GMT -6. The time now is 01:21 AM and the date is 08-10-2004.

    Thanks for any help
  • Floris
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2001
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    Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Drop Down: Common Templates >

    In the phpinclude_start template add this code:

    HTML Code:
    $rightnow = vbdate("d-m-Y");
    Save the changes.

    Open the template footer and find this code:

    HTML Code:
    <div class="smallfont" align="center">$vbphrase[all_times_are_gmt_x_time_now_is_y]</div>
    and replace it with this code:

    HTML Code:
    <div class="smallfont" align="center">$vbphrase[all_times_are_gmt_x_time_now_is_y] date: $rightnow</div>
    Save the template.

    This will show as:

    All times are gmt .. - the time is now .. date: 10-08-2004


    • HateBSC2
      New Member
      • Jul 2004
      • 14
      • 3.0.1

      Thanks again Floris!

      I changed the date format around and used a different variable name just to make it easier. I even got the date to show up under the "Most users ever online..."

      I thought about adding the date next to the time in Last Activity, but it takes up too much room.

      Now I won't have to use a seperate program to show the date when I'm catching my "snoop" and their IP.

      I really do appreciate all the help you've been with my questions.
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