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Database migration problem.

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  • Database migration problem.

    I'd like to migrate my localhost DB to my service provider.

    Unfortunately, trying to import it using mysqldump and phpMyAdmin kept failing (thanks ISP! ) so I went ahead and did a new installation.

    Is there a proper way for me to migrate my [config/template/forum posts] without overwriting the entire database?

    Thank you for your time.

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    You can run the database at your localhost and run impex on your ISP and import the users/posts/etc.


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      What's impex?


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        The vBulletin Import Export System which allows you to import from third party forum software (and we also have a script to import from vbulletin into vbulletin). for documentation.

        You can download it as licensed member for free from the members area.


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          Not working.

          Warning: Error parsing ./impex/ImpExConfig.php on line 18 in /var/www/html/forums/impex/index.php on line 57

          Database error in vBulletin:ImpEx Target 3.0.3:

          Link-ID == false, connect failed
          mysql error:

          mysql error number: 0

          Date: Friday 06th of August 2004 09:43:26 AM
          Script: http://xxx/forums/impex/index.php
          Referer: http://xxx/forums/admincp/index.php?do=nav
          Username: conner_bw
          IP Address: x.x.x.x

          [Content of config.php removed to avoid users abusing your license number and database details]

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            Can't connect to target means the details from the vBulletin database you are trying to import into are not correct. Did you use the same host, user, pass, database as the vBulletin config.php that you are trying to import into?


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              I just triple checked. Yes, all the info is the same as in the config.php. The board is currently accessible at :


              until the DNS crapulence resolves (24 hours my ass! ). This does however prove that i am accessing the MySQL database succesfully.

              Do i need to use 'quotations' in the impex file? For the record, i tried with quotations as well and it still didn't work.

              What now?
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                This error is either due to the wrong info in the config file or a problem with the server. If you are sure of the info, then you'll need to contact your host.
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                  Workaround, editing index.php, line 58:

                  PHP Code:
                  /* extract(parse_ini_file($systempath . 'impex/ImpExConfig.php'), EXTR_SKIP); // use skip to prevent existing variables being overwritten

                  $targetdatabasetype  'mysql';
                  $targetserver        'localhost';
                  $targetuser          'xxx';
                  $targetpassword      'xxx';
                  $targetdatabase      'xxx';
                  $targettableprefix   '';

                  $sourceexists        true;
                  $sourcedatabasetype  'mysql';
                  $sourceserver        '';
                  $sourceuser          'xxx';
                  $sourcepassword      'xxx';
                  $sourcedatabase      'xxx';
                  $sourcetableprefix   ''
                  Thanks for the help.


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