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Archive - is it possible to "hide" part of the page?

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  • Archive - is it possible to "hide" part of the page?

    I have added considerable content to the showthread template. However, I don't particualrly want this content to be visible in the archive - mainly for reasons associated with "cookie cutting". There is a LOT of extra content, and it will be identical on every thread.

    1. Is there any code I can add to the showthread template, so that certain parts of the page are invisible in the archive? e.g. put a conditional around a piece of text so that it does not show up if the archive file is accessed, but does show up when looking at the "real" page.

    2. Is it even worth doing this? Do search engines still penalise sites where every page has substantially the same content?

    If ,as I suspect, they do - then I can see this being a problem for all vB sites where substantial content is added around the actual posts. However, by removing this additional (duplicated in every thread) content from the archive file, at least search engines will not penalise the archive pages.

    I'd be very interseted to hear if anyone has considered this point, and if there is any substance to it.


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    This is a question I'd like to have an answer to too, but I wonder what you for example added to the page that makes it also show up on the archive?


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      Floris, Nothing added yet, but I intend to add an additional column on either side of the thread. These columns will contain static banners/ads - and therefore identical external links. It was only while working out how to do it that I thought about the archive - which then led to me thinking about search engines and "duplicate" pages.

      I want to keep each page as unique as possible, but also want to have the same identical banners/layout on each showthread page. Assuming that the more identical content added then the more penalisation by SEs, I'm thinking about making sure that these additional columns don't show up in the archive, leaving the archive as optmised as possible. Hence the need for some conditional which I can wrap around the new code, which will only show the old code if it's an archive page.


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        The only thing the archive shows is the content of the threads. Not any template changes that you make.

        The archive is build using its own code/css


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          Thanks Floris.


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