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  • Multiple 'Forums' Under One Roof

    I apologize if this has been posted, I searched for what I thought would be good keywords, but found no answers.

    In our forums we have several distinct groups of people that would like to have subforums with their own 'look and feel' (themes / skins / etc). I want to share one user database and have things like bans, etc global across the entire domain too.

    Basically I just want to have everything tied together under one domain, but give those users the ability to customize their subsection to their liking.

    Perhaps this is just done by way of themes and skins that those users pick, because I know you can already set up subections upon subsections for whatever you want. I just want to give those user groups some more latitude to set up their sections and so on.

    Is anyone else doing anything like this?


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    Under the default software, those users would need to be admins to be able to customize their forum sections.

    Giving them this ability without making them admins would require modifying the vBulletin files, and so I recommend you post on, the official vB hacking site. Chances are good there is already a hack for this.


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      They can be admins, I am ok with that. My main thing would be for them to be able to have a custom logo that appears at the top of the forum section and have their own custom skin and theme for their group.


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        If you make them Admins you won't be able to restrict their power to one forum only. To do this would require modifying the code. You can try asking for help with this over at
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