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forget password link not mailing me my passcode

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  • forget password link not mailing me my passcode

    i forgot my admin password so when i enter my email adress to have it mailed to me it says it has been mailed but i get nothing in my email box

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    Are any other email functions working on your forums? If so, the problem is most likely that the email has been blocked or filtered by some kind of anti-spam software. Try disabling any such software, or check your "spam box" if messages are filtered.

    You can also regain admin control by using the tools.php file. This file is in the do_not_upload folder in the vBulletin zip file. Upload this file to the install directory and run it from your browser. You will be presented with the option to promote an account to admin. Delete the file when you are done!


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      Go to your USER CP and make sure your email address is correct. If it is, your ISP may be filtering out email from your forum as "spam". AOL is particularly agressive in doing that, for example.


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        Email notification of private messages is not working on that board, so I wonder about email functions in general.

        It is Version 3.0.0 Beta 4.
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        Harold Kost


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          You can test the email functions in your:

          Admin CP -> Import & Maintenance -> Diagnostics

          Send yourself a test email.


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            Correction: I did get registration and PM emails from his forum. They were delayed, so may have been in queue. He can't do a test from the admincp until he solves the password issue.
            Harold Kost


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              The "lost password" emails might still be put into the queue in Beta 4. In more recent versions, those and other kinds of important emails are never queued.