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Please HELP me retore a deleted user

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  • Please HELP me retore a deleted user

    I made a search on this forum, but I did't find the appropriate instructions in order to restore a deleted user.

    Specificly, what happend: I deleted a user, now he-s only guest on the forum. I did't delete his posts, all his posts are in the database. How can I restore his name in order that all the posts to be assigned again to his name, as before.

    I really appreciate your PROFESSIONAL help in this matter with a clear query or command that can help me. I am a newbie in vbulletin. I have vb 3.03 version.

    Or should be better to make a support ticket for this?
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    Create a new user account for him, then run these queries:

    UPDATE post SET userid = X WHERE username = 'OLD USERNAME'

    UPDATE thread SET postuserid = X WHERE postusername = 'OLD USERNAME'

    Where X is the userid of the new user and OLD USERNAME is the old username of the deleted user. If you use table prefixes then you need to change post and thread to include the prefix.

    Then rebuild your various counters:

    Admin CP -> Import & Maintenance -> Update Counters

    That should work. Backup first.


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      I ca't run a query, I get the following message: You are not authorized to execute SQL queries.

      I added my user ID in the config.php, but I can't still run a query: $canrunqueries = '4'. I am user number 4... Am I doing something wrong?
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        That should work. Copy-n-paste the exact line from your config.php.
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          Here is my config.php lie regarding running the queries:

          // The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel.
          // See the above entries for more information on the format.
          // Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish
          // to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons.
          $canrunqueries = '4';


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            Any solution yet? I really was expecting to a faster help... I know that you guys have a lot of work, but I would really want to solve this problem...


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              That should be working. Is your userid 4? You can check this in your:

              Admin CP -> Users -> Search for Users

              Find your user and edit your profile. At the top of the page will be something like this:

              User: Your Name (id: 5)


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                User: Vadim (id: 4)


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                  I don't know why it's not working. We will have to take a look. Submit a support ticket with a FTP login for your server and a URL and admin login for your forums.


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                    I submited a query.


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                      How would the SQL for PMs read?


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                        Nevermind. Wrong answer. I dunno if you can recover PMs.


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                          I hope so...
                          Should be quite the same as the SQLs posted above - but for the affected tables - and I don't know their names and if it's going to work....


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                            You probably could, but you would have to know the Member's old userid. The table 'pm' doesn't work with a username field.


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                              I Have the same problem, i accidently deleted my vb3_user (i only had 30 members) so i created a new one in another install and copied it accross so i could access admin. Everything works fine now.

                              So i have a member signing up again and i want to rebind his new account to his old posts...

                              I ran the suggested query and am getting the following error.

                              An error occurred while attempting to execute your query. The following information was returned.
                              error number: 1146
                              error desc: Table '' doesn't exist

                              Any suggestions?



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