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  • Threads prematurely marked as read.


    I have a question/problem in that when there are new posts in a particular forum, the icon changes correctly to reflect that there are new posts, however, after a while on the board, reading posts in another forum, the icon changes to "no new posts" and I have NOT entered there, or clicked on the unread posts (or marked the forum as read obviously).

    Is there a way I can implement a more effective method of detecting that a post has been read, and ONLY change the icon when the threads have actually been read. Keeping them marked as 'new' under all other circumstances?

    I only want a post/forums "read status" to change when they are actually read, or the user has selected to 'mark all posts as read'.


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    If you are inactive for longer than the cookie timeout then everything will be marked as read. That is the normal behavior under the current system. A more advanced read marking system is in the works for a future version.


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      Thanks for the information. As a workaround in the meanwhile, is it possible to adjust the cookie timeout value? If so, how?

      Many thanks



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        That setting is in your:

        Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options -> Time-Out for Cookie


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          Okay, I'm looking at changing this...

          This is the time in seconds that a user must remain inactive before any unread posts are marked read. This setting also controls how long a user will remain on Who's Online after their last activity.
          Does this mean, only if the person has their browser open? Or will they still show up on the Who's online even if they close their browser or log out?


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            They will show up until they physically log out or their session times out. Whether or not the browser is open has no affect.
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