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  • Calling user avatar

    I realize this may be a more hack-based question, but I'm getting no assistance on

    I need to call a users avatar onto a secondary page.

    Here's the catch:
    If the page displays information about UserA. I want to have UserA's avatar on the page. If UserB is viewing this page about UserA I still want UserA's avatar to show itself to UserB. Just like the public profiles do in vBulletin 3. The problem I'm having is that no matter what code I use, I get UserB's avatar displayed on UserA's page. I can not get UserA's avatar to stay on the page and ignore whoever is veiwing the page. It always shows the avatar of the viewer. I have scoured member.php and profile.php and the global files to find the code I need. But nothing works to display UserA's avatar on UserA's page.

    Help please.

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    In whatever code you are using, make sure you are using the userid of the user in question and not the userid of the logged in user which is commonly represented as $bbuserinfo[userid].

    If you need help with your specific code then I recommend you post on, the official vB hacking site.


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