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  • Search Engines / Title (2 question)

    1) I was using a web page optimizer and this is one of the comments it gave. I was wondering if someone understands what this is saying and is it important and fixable. This comment is from when the software I was using scaned my forum main page where all the forums are listed.

    Your web page uses 4,996 bytes of style sheet code which makes it harder for search engines to index your page. Consider putting the style sheet code in an external file with the <link rel="stylesheet" href="mystyles.css" type="text/css"> command. The file "mystyles.css" should be a simple text file that contains only the style sheet code without any HTML markup. The next time your page is spidered by the search engine robots, the important content on your page will be closer to the top of the page, and you might have a better keyword density.

    2) Where do I change the title of my vb. Meaning at the top of the browser it says the name of my site and powered by vbulletin. is this in a template.

    Dan Flynn

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    1- You can save the CSS as .css files : admin control panel >vbulletin options > vbulletin options > save stylesheet as .css : Yes.

    2- You can modify the details of your forum here : admin control panel > vbulletin options > vbulletin options > site name, url, etc.

    Check our online manual for more details about the vbulletin options >