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"Newest member" has not returned e-mail confirmation

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  • "Newest member" has not returned e-mail confirmation

    Not sure if this behavior is intended or not, so I didn't want to post it as a bug. I searched through the bug lists and didn't see this.

    On the forum home (index.php), "Statistics" shows "Welcome to our newest member . . .". The name listed there has not returned their confirmation e-mail yet (so he is still in usergroup "Users awaiting email confirmation), and is not listed in the member list. Seems to me that he shouldn't be listed as "newest member".

    A bug? Or intentional? Or just a limitation of vB? No big deal either way -- just curious. Thanks!

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    I do not think this is a bug.

    He 'is' the latest member to register, he only did not yet validate his account through e-mail. He already is in the database and has a valid and unique member id. It is only his usergroup that is not with the permissions you'd consider to be a real latest member.


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      Makes sense, kind of. Again, not a big deal -- I was mostly curious about whether it was deliberate or not. You've justified it from a programmer's point of view. From a user's point of view, either someone is a member or they're not; if they are a "newest member", by definition they are a member, and they ought to show up on the member list.

      That's just my perspective, worth $0.02 or less. I'm not trashing your product or your opinion, and I appreciate you responding.

      In fact, I think vB is a dang awesome product. I'm very pleased with the features and the value, as is my client. Good job! If any of my other clients need a BB, vB will get the business.