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    Thanks for the quick reply, although we Californians should be out enjoying this fine weather.

    Glad to see it really is just a "matter of time" that they are being marked as "unread" when I return after only a short time. I actually did not recall what had happened with the gamma version, which was our last install before the 3.0.3 update. I really started paying attention after the upgrad, when my own posts were not being marked as read after I had saved them and your patch resolved that issue completely. It was only because I was paying extra attention to what was happening with the marking as read/unread, that I noticed the "remarking" issue. I am relieved it is not lingering problem with the first fix and will report it to our members as you have advised.

    Again, thanks for the great support, now go enjoy at least part of the weekend.



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      I'm having this same issue. Posts which I have read are still considered unread. When I make a new post on a thread it indicates new posts even though its my post thats the last. Is it supposed to do that? Does the bug mentioned apply to 3.0.3


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        The fix for that is listed above.


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          That fix does not always fix the problem. I still encounter it now and then on my forums.


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            Originally posted by Freddie Bingham
            I'm still getting this issue after applying that patch. Is there anything else I should be doing?


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              I posted this same thing in the bug forum yesterday but no response yet. It all started after doing the upgrade to 3.0.3 for me and many of my users. (if not all)

              If it matters, I'm using my old computer with W95 and IE5.


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