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  • Missing User Titles

    We have recently upgraded from Vbulletin 2.2.6 to 3.01. The site is running on a win2k server. The upgrade process proceeded without any reported errors.
    However we have one small issue. The user titles are now missing from the poster information in threads. They are visibe if you view a user profile. I cannot find a setting in vbulletin control pannel that is responsible for turning this information on/off.
    Please advise
    url =

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    I see them. I see things like "Administrator", "rusty old bus", "Registered User", "Elrond" etc.

    Either I misunderstood you, or you meant something else...

    If you like, you could try reverting your postbit or postbit legacy templates, but as I said, I see them (as a guest)
    Best Regards
    Colin Frei

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      You have misunderstood. These are NOT user titles! Registered user is a user group. The other examples quoted are user names. User titles for the forum are

      grommit 0-10 posts
      rookie 11-24-posts
      regional racer 25-90 posts


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        Oh, I know what you mean

        What I quoted are actually referred to as user titles, while usernames or the actual name you see, for example your username here is Robawnet while your user title is Junior Member.

        You meant user ranks.
        These can be assigned in your

        Admin CP > User Ranks > Add New User Rank
        Best Regards
        Colin Frei

        Please don't contact me per PM.


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          Remove the User Titles from each usergroup.
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