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    Ive looked through a lot of the troubleshooting and forums and havent been able to find an answer to my question so Im posting here now. My forum was running 2.2.9 when it got hacked (my fault for not upgrading, I know) but here I am. I spent the last 8 hours or so assessing the damage the hackers did and here is what I have determined.

    - 1 administrator and a few moderater users were deleted
    - All posts, forums, and thread are intact
    - Styles were changed and added
    - Remaining admistrator account had name and a few options changed

    So I just spent some time and finished upgrading the forums to 3.0.3. Everything is running fine, posts, forums and threads seem to be all doing ok. Removed all rogue styles and now have a fairly complete vanilla vB3 install. So my current problem is, out of the 100 users that were deleted (randomly Im assuming) 3 are actual heavy posters and want their accounts reinstated somehow (one of which is mine, the 2nd admin account).

    So going in through MySQL I was able to figure out which userid's were deleted and such. My first attempt at re-adding myself was to create a new user with my old account name and then change the userid with an UPDATE SQL command on the user table in SQL to my old userid. This didnt work for some reason, so I decided to do a manual insert of a new user by inserting a user with my old name into the user and userfield tables. Now my user is a valid administrator and is coming up in the user list when in the admin section but I am still having a problem getting old Threads I posted attached to my user name. Old posts posted by me still say they are posted by "Guest" although they do have my old username associated with them. What I want to be able to do is reassociate all old posts and threads with the users I am recreating. I thought it would enough to just reinsert a new user into my old userid but I guess thats not enough. Does anyone have any idea as to how I could go about doing this, is it even possible?


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    I think I might have found a solution. Do you think I could do an update on the post table updating all the userids?


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      Ok well if anyone cares I fixed this problem. I am posting the SQL commands here. If you are interested in knowing more just email me...

      For updating all the threads and ensuring they show the correct posters, do this

      UPDATE thread SET postuserid='xxxx' WHERE postusername='xxxxxxxx';

      and you will also have to update all posts with this:

      UPDATE post SET userid='xxxx' WHERE username='xxxxxxxx';

      xxxx = the userid you are setting
      xxxxxxxx = the username of the person who made all the posts


      Make sure to update post counts when you are done and reset the users creation date to as close to as what you can remember it to ensure their post count and posts per day stats are correct. Hope this helps!


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