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  • Registration / profile field changes

    I want to add some text next to the "Home Page:" line in the user profile, and correlating "User Registration" screen and "edit profile" screen -

    what templates or phrases would I need to change?

    i.e. -- Currently it says "Home Page:" on the profile --I'd like it to say

    "Home Pageplease refer to our TOS before adding your homepage)"


    and I would need to make this change anywhere this is changed or viewed
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    The phrase "let_other_visitors_know_url" holds this text:

    If you would like to let other visitors to this site know the URL of your own web site, enter it here.
    To edit this to your liking:

    Admin Control Panel > Languages & Phrases > Search in Phrases (select search for phrase variable name only, and enter "let_other_visitors_know_url" and click on search > from the page it loads (with the result) click on the [edit] button > from that page, click on the button 'Copy Default Text' and modify that text to your liking. Then save the page.