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Customize valid user name characters ?

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  • Customize valid user name characters ?

    Must be here somewhere. I am not finding it.

    Can the username be configured to disallow invalid *nix directory name characters? Ie / . * and friends.

    It is convenient to be able to create a unique directory for a user without cleaning the name (you do the work please vb

    Thank you.

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    Why would you want to make a directory for a user who registers on vBulletin? I don't get it.


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      Thanks for replying.

      Why not? Any number of uses.

      In this case, I have an existing site. I am handing over the registration to vb, but I will still keep my old user table: vb3 user fields are too limiting, and I have too much legacy code working nicely. A hybrid site is required.

      One example: we can give members an address, eg There are more uses. Imagine a world without vbulletin, and what coders have done without you! Mail, attachments... all kinds of goo may end up using /path/to/Floris.

      Sure there are better ideas now. But that was then. Darn real world.

      I take it I am out of luck...


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        Have you checked out:

        Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Censorship Options

        Blank ASCII Character Stripper

        If there are certain raw ASCII characters you would like to strip from posts/usernames etc, enter their ASCII numbers here, separated by spaces.

        Please note that stripping raw ASCII characters with this setting may break some double-byte languages. If you are unsure, remove the contents of this setting.

        Certain raw ASCII characters can be used to make two usernames appear the same, even if one actually has one of these ASCII characters in it. Typically the settings entered here are sufficient for users, though you can add ASCII codes, separated by spaces, here if you wish.

        Some double-byte languages may have their display broken by using this setting; in that case you should remove the contents of this setting.


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