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    Hi People,

    My post table is in excess of 380MB. My fourms are running fairly slow every time they got run a query on the post table because of its size.

    I want to prune my posts to 6months ago, but is there a way to keep all posts passed 6months and keep them in some kinda archive system?


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    Are you sure the size of the post table is slowing down your forums? If you want a performance analysis of your server setup then post a thread in the Server Configuration forum. Include the information requested in this thread.

    Regarding archiving your posts... vBulletin doesn't have a feature archive posts outside of the post table. I can't think of a good solution for you. The people might have some ideas.


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      I am 99% sure it is my post table...

      Everytime my server runs a query on the post table its taking about 2-3 seconds.. It might not seem much but with 100+ people online at one time it can get very cpu intensive..

      Thats why i wanted to make a archive system as i dont wanna loose the old posts

      Yep i asked, no answer for days now.


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        If you move the posts to an archive forum, they will still be part of the post table. Unfortunately you are going to need to write custom code for what you want to do.
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          Well that answers a question I know I would have been asking soon too!


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            I relise im gonna have to make custom code..

            oh well wish me luck! :P


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              I have set up an archive category, like on the vb forum, and have moved some forums into it. I have been trying to configure it so that on the main forum you can ONLY see the archive category with no forums under it, however when you click on the archive category, you should thenbe able to see the forums in it

              I have tried playing with all the forum settings but nothing seemsto work, they always appear as sub forums or just dont appear at all

              Ideally I want the archive category to remain collapsed at all times unless someone clicks on it

              Can anyone help me out??


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                Try the method in this thread.


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