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    I have a complicated question and I would be very happy to solve it here.

    I want to use the forum user database in order that my users can have acces to other sections of my site (betting, online football manager etc), without having to register one more time.

    For example: I want a user registred on forum to go and play in betting zone without other login /or / I want a user that registred through online football manager game to go and post in forum without other login.

    In other words, I want a COMMON login for all services on my site. Where can my programmers see the user database of vbulletin? Can you please tell the the files needed for this?

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    Hi there,

    The user table of vBulletin in the database is where the user/pass/salt is stored. You have to update your software to integrate into vBulletin. Such support isn't provided by us (at this moment), you are best of asking for this on where many users discuss such issues and help eachother resolve it.

    Basicly it takes to include global.php file into your code and use the vBulletin login features to get a user signed up.