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Glow User Titles (Sorry I still can't figure it out)

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    i did it i like it a lot but i dont want my registered users having it except for admin i might just uninstall and leave the user name but good thing anyways


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      hi guys

      i did all of the above changes,but... for some reason all the members usertitles went back to just saying usertitle but on there profiles it shows up ok but if they actually post on the forum it don't show up it just says usertitle could someone take alook & offer me some advice as to what i might have done wrong please.

      Thanks Inadvanced
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        There are several things to check. Send me a PM with a URL and admin login to your forum, as well as the name of a problem user and the title they are supposed to have, and I will take a look.


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          FYI for others, regarding JaLi's problem:

          In the postbit_legacy where there should have been this code:

          			<if condition="$post['usertitle']"><div class="smallfont">$post[usertitle]</div></if>
          ...there was only:

          That was the problem. I inserted the other code.


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            Is there a code for Firefox because I ain't using IE.
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              Originally posted by Snake
              Is there a code for Firefox because I ain't using IE.
              Not that I know of.


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                I got the first code:
                 <div style="filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Glow(Colo  r=blue,Strength=3);width: 100%;">
                I changed Blue to black and that worked. How can I change the red effect of the code?

                Note: I did not add the </DIV> part into the second box, and the code changed the user group color as well.


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                  Originally posted by Jake Bunce View Post
                  Use this code for the user title:

                  <table style="filter:glow(color=yellow, strength=4)">USER TITLE</table>

                  Change the color and strength to whatever you want.
                  Where do I put this code?



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                    Admin CP > Usergroups > Edit Usergroup > Username HTML Markup

                    Send a sceenshot on how you are appling this. I know it is just a Internet Explorer trick and will not work in other browsers like Firefox.


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                      Originally posted by Jake Bunce View Post
                      That presents a problem. You can't use HTML code when setting a custom title in the User CP. So the glow code would need to be added around the titles in the form of a file hack or some template mods.
                      I recommend you post on about this.

                      Can you set up a profile field to allow this? Then place a condition for with /without the markup. Also can a profile field be used to determine the color?
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