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Is your minutes accurate?

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  • Is your minutes accurate?

    I've adjusted my PC clock time to match the time shown at:

    Disregard any GMT hours offset, the minutes number (only the last number) shown on this site and my site seems to be about 2 mins later than my PC clock shows.

    Anybody else have this problem. If so, how can I adjust the minutes in the time shown at the bottom of the vBulletin pages?

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    vBulletin can only adjust the offset in chunks of 30 minutes and an hour.

    To adjust the minutes you need to adjust the time on the server itself. I don't know how to do that off hand. You might try posting in the Server Configuration forum.


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      Thanks, Jake, but I suspected the problem was with my PC because the time offset showing on my site and this site was the same ie about 2 minutes. My PC and ISP are the only two common factors with both sites. To check that theory I installed a freeware utility called Atomic Clock Sync 2.7 to my PC.

      "This program will connect to one of the time servers operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, and will compare the time of your computer with the time on the servers operated by the NIST. This program will then display the difference between your system and the servers and if greater than 15 seconds, it will offer you the option of adjusting your PC by the displayed amount."

      It seems the clock I see in the systray of my Win ME OS is not the system clock. The utility fixed the system clock and now the time shown on both sites match the time in the systray. The system clock must be the CMOS clock which was out. The Windows clock follows it which is why changing the Windows clock by itself didn't fix the problem.