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Make All/Specific Forums Viewable by Unregistered Users

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  • Make All/Specific Forums Viewable by Unregistered Users

    How do we make all forums (including threads and messages) viewable to unregistered users without giving them message posting privilege - just like it is on the vB forums? Presently, unregistered users can see our forums and threads but are forced to register when they click on the threads to see the messages.

    Also, if we want to make specific forums (including threads and messages) viewable to unregistered users without giving them message posting privilege - and leave other forums as they are, how can we do so on selective basis.

    Thanks much in advance. aj

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    You can set the default guest permissions in your:

    Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Unregistered / Not Logged In -> Edit Usergroup

    Then you can set exceptions to these permissions on a per forum basis in your:

    Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Permissions


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      Setup Appears Correct, But Still Not Working

      That is the way we have set it up. For Unregistered / Not Logged In, the
      Forum Viewing Permissions: Can View Forum and Can View Others' Threads are already set to Yes. Therefore, they are able to see Forums and Threads, BUT, they are unable to see the messages. When they click on the message, they are forced to the registration form. How can we make the *messages* also viewable: there is no option for this in the menu which you have shared.

      Do we need to turn the Enable Access Masks to Yes in General Settings, presently it is set to No? Anything else that we need to do with access masks - we are trying to control access for user groups and not for individual users at this time (access masks documentation notes that it is relevant only for individual users)?

      Thank you for your response. aj
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        The Can View Others' Threads permission gives users access to view those threads in the thread listing, as well as access to view the contents of those threads. So the behavior you are experiencing is not the norm.

        This might be a style problem. The behavior you are experiencing can be produced with template conditionals in your templates. Try reproducing this problem on a default style. Go to your:

        Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> [Add New Style]

        Create a new style with no parent. Then view your forums with the new style as a guest.


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          Style Is Ruled Out as the Possible Problem

          Added a New Default Style and checked the forums: the behavior remains exactly same - guests can see forums and threads, but still are forced to registration form when they click to see messages.

          But you do mention, that this is not the norm. Perhaps, this may be due to some other option that we set somewhere in the Admin CP.

          Another possiblity is that we may have made a change in a template based upon an earlier message we read on these forums for restricting viewing of messages (while allowing visibility of forums and threads). Perhaps, given your familiarity, you may recall which templates we should check to rule out that possiblity.

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            If you send me a private message with a URL and admin login for your forums then I can take a look.


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