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    Originally posted by Michael Dengler
    It doesn't seem to like: World A-Team Cricket Forums Mailer ...
    ...It appears that it is identifying our email as a "mailer" and filtering it as spam...
    If the word `Mailer' is the problem, is there a way to remove/change that word?



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      When I have registered on other vBulletin forums the word "Mailer" is not included in "From..." I don't think it is the vBulletin software, I think it is generated by the webhost, somehow. I'll take it up with them.


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        My webhost thinks it's a vBulletin issue.

        I did a couple of tests.

        Test 1. I emailed [email protected] directly from the webhost email client - [email protected] The email reached the Inbox.

        This is a portion of the information in Properties:

        From: "Postmaster" <[email protected]>
        To: [email protected]
        Cc: [email protected]
        Subject: This is a test email
        Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:54:47 +0000
        Mime-Version: 1.0
        Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; charset="iso-8859-1"
        Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
        X-Sent-To: [email protected]
        Return-Path: [email protected]
        X-OriginalArrivalTime: 14 Jun 2004 08:54:57.0345 (UTC) FILETIME=[449CEB10:01C451ED]

        Test 2. I emailed [email protected] from the admin cp. The email didn't get through the spam filters to the Inbox. I also emailed myself at so I could check the properties.

        This is a portion of the information in Properties:

        Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 08:58:29 GMT
        To: [email protected]
        Subject: vBulletin Email Test
        From: "World A-Team Cricket Forums" <[email protected]>
        Message-ID: <[email protected]>
        X-Priority: 3
        X-Mailer: vBulletin Mail via PHP
        Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1"
        Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
        X-Sent-To: [email protected]
        Return-Path: [email protected]
        X-OriginalArrivalTime: 14 Jun 2004 08:58:38.0915 (UTC) FILETIME=[C8ADD130:01C451ED]

        Notice the word "Mailer" in the second test. How can we get rid of that so the spam filters don't act on it?


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          To give you some idea how spam filters work for servers:

          "Possibly the most popular server side spam filter available today is SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin tests each email that comes in and assigns a score. Messages that receive a certain score can be dumped or tagged as spam."

          Click here to see the Rule Base Search for "Mailer".


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            In my OE email header, an email notification from my forums shows...

            From:`mysite' Forums Mailer

            and for the email notification reply from your post here it has...
            From: vBulletin Community Forum Forums

            Note `Forum'(s) is repeated

            Viewing source, I don't see any reference to the word Mailer in my email notification from vB but I do see it from an email notification from my forums.



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              I asked to investigate why mail notifications from was not getting through to [email protected].
              Why is email from [email protected] not appearing in my Inbox? I have not filtered it out.

              I am trying to register to their site and I'm not receiving their activation account email. On other online mail services such as Hotmail it shows: World A-Team Cricket Forums Mailer <[email protected]>

              This is not spam so why is it blocked?



              Dear Member,

              We have examined and tested your account for incoming mail delivery. We are unable to find any problems with your account as we can see email messages being delivered to it correctly.

              Our systems have not experienced any recent failures and mail delivery to our overall systems is functioning correctly and within acceptable parameters.

              If you could kindly let us know what errors and/or bounces that senders are seeing, we can investigate this matter further for you.

              We appreciate your patience in this matter.

     Member Services


              Here is a copy of the properties of an email that was sent to this email address and my other one at The email didn't arrive in my mailbox at this site but it did arrive at my other address. Please examine the properties and see if something in it might be causing your server filter to block it from my inbox.


              Mail from the world-a-team forums should now reach your mailbox without further issues. Please allow two or three hours for this change to take effect.

              This was an old block because of another customer on the shared webhosting server they are on, I believe.

              When I informed my webhost their reply was:

              I've checked out all the block lists and we're not mentioned in any. We certainly don't have a problem with customers spamming, I think in the last year we've only have one complaint about spam coming from one of our customers, and that was a misunderstanding - Someone reported a thread notification message as spam!


              I am on a shared server. If the server name or address is in the mail header and the mail service has a block on my server name then that would explain why the notifications weren't getting through. Despite what my webhost says, I seem to have this problem quite often. From now on, I'll advise people with registration problems to have their mail host take away the block on my mail if they have one.


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                Originally posted by Jake Bunce
                Hotmail, AOL, and I think Yahoo are all known for blocking vBulletin activation emails with their spam filters.
                yea im definatly having that problem, that sucks real bad, i hope there is something someone can do soon to fix it, even though it may not be directly related to vBulletin


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                  I have been getting this problem a lot lately. Whats strange is its happening for long time registered members with normal domains, not just hotmail and yahoo.

                  I had to turn off validation emails since most all were bouncing. Sure wish there was a fix for this.


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                    Blueyonder is acting up today as I've got the same problem at the moment. I've been able to receive emails all day but I can't send any.



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                      I also am not receiving any e-mail notifications at my AOL account. I tested and sent an administrator e-mail to myself successfully but did not receive it. I have checked my Spam Folder, added the e-mail address the board uses in my Address Book, and even disabled spam blocking entirely, but the e-mail still isn't coming through. However, my e-mail notifications from another vBulletin message board are coming in just fine, although they were marked as spam at one time by AOL.


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                        Originally posted by Jake Bunce View Post
                        Is anyone else having this problem? Are any other email features working?

                        If this is an isolated problem then the cause is more than likely a spam filter on his end.
                        I'm having this problem too. What settings do I adjust in adminCP, so I can get the account activation e-mails working?


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                          Can anyone assist?


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                            Generally email delivery problems are caused by the way vbulletin sends email. Please read the article in my signature.
                            I buy 420 forums


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                              Originally posted by Alfa1 View Post
                              Generally email delivery problems are caused by the way vbulletin sends email. Please read the article in my signature.
                              Thank you . Im going there now to read it.


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                                I would doubt if they are blocking vBulletin email directly. It would probably be more to blocking relayed or non-authenticated emails. I am not positive about this, but it might be worth a look. A possible issue that may be the cause of emails not being delivered is that you are using the PHP function in vBulletin. (which I think is the vBulletin default for email) I would think the mail severs would see those emails as being relayed through the domain name that your vBulletin resides on. As I said, I am not 100% positive about this. But I do know that email delivery can be a lot more complex them most of us would suspect.

                                I think the problem with this is that some spam filters like Trend will block any email sent from anywhere that relays your email. This may or may not be the issue here, but I thought I would mention it. I have had this issue come up because I use Outlook and validate via our website server. I also tried using the secured SMTP port and had the same issue with anyone using Trend. The solution was to change the SMTP from to and authenticate. If this is the case here, then a possible solution might be to use SMTP and enter . The problem is that I do not see how to authenticate that in vBulletin. i.e.. sign onto your server and send from an email account. Maybe someone can enhance upon this.
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