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    Found a different way round this so not needed any more

    ta anyway


    Now, i've set up some paid subscriptions on my board - they are levels that increase so you register first - then you can upgrade to package a,b or c

    however if you are package b your upgrade to package c is a different price as you've already paid something.

    when I link to subscriptions it links to a list of all my paid subscriptions "subscriptions.php" - this list obviously includes the upgrades from on package to the next up. What I want is members only to see the packages applicable to them. I gather this can't be done as is.

    After viewing a complete list of subscriptions you can click the button that says "order" for a specific subscription - this is page I want my links to go to. however as it is all running in the same page "subscriptions.php" I can't get things to link at the place I want them too as the page "subscriptions.php" first brings up the full list.

    Is there a way I can tell it to link to "subscriptions.php?type...." so a link from my site for package a links straight to ordering package a and bypasses the full list? Whatever the code is that happens on the "order" button is what I want. if it can't be done can someone try and explain what happens when the order button is clicked as that is the bit I want to emulate.

    Hope this makes some sense, its not been easy to explain - any tips or help would be hugely appreciated as getting this solved will mean my board is complete
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