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  • HTML Code showing in title

    We have the seperate forums titles set to different colors. In the Forum Manager in the admincp where we set these forums and it has the title field we have this:

    <font color=cc9966>Toolbox's One-Stop RBV Garage</font>

    Sets the colors fine in the forums, but in the browser at the top bar where it gives the page title it shows that HTML code.

    look here for example:

    the top says:

    RRORC Forums <font color=cc9966>Toolbox's One-Stop RBV Garage</font> - Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Doesn't matter what browser you use, it does the same thing. Anyway we can have these colored without it putting the code at the top?

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    The browser title can't parse html and won't ignore it. It considers it is text. That is why it is shown. You are best of editing the templates to include the markup and keep the title the plain text title. You can control different forums with conditionals to help one forum in blue, and another title in red. I believe the template is forumhome_level1_nopost.


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      HMMMMM... didn't have this issue on the old VB forums. Trying to find info on how to do that. Any ideas?


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        Would seem to me there should be a way to mod the code for that page title on the browser to ignore the HTML code..... It worked in the last version I believe.


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