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Is 2 forums, 1 database possible by default?

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  • Is 2 forums, 1 database possible by default?

    I'm not savvy when it comes to these kinds of things so please bear with me on that but here goes…

    I currently have an install of vBulletin at (just changed my domain) and have a great little community going there.

    In the future I’d like to expand to covering more sports, but I’d like each sport to have a completely separate vBulletin board, but still on the same domain (different sub domains) and database.

    Is there anyway it’d be possible to set this up so that the everything on the forums would be separate, but still share the same user database so that if a member joins one forum, they are essentially joining every forum, yet they would have to go to a separate sub domain to access each one individually?

    I apologize if I didn’t explain that very well, but hopefully you can get the gist of what I was getting at.

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    There are various ways to go about that, all of which require custom code and file modifications. For this reason I recommend you post on, the official vB hacking site. You will have better luck there.

    Keep in mind that you need an active vBulletin license for each forum.


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      Originally posted by Jake Bunce
      Keep in mind that you need an active vBulletin license for each forum.
      Ahh well that right there probably keeps me from doing it. I appreciate the reply and letting me know that. I guess I'll keep them all under one roof then


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        By default it is not possible, but you can install multiple vBulletin instances for different domains pointing to just 1 mysql database. If you use vBulletin version 3, you can use table prefix, (set in config.php).

        forum A can prefix its database tables with foruma_
        forum B with forumb_

        That way, you can have multiple table-setups in 1 database.

        But in order to get 1 user to sign up once and be registered everywhere requires source code modifications. And each forum instance requires an additional license.