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  • Location Showing Personal Quote

    Hello all!

    Thanks for all the help I receive on this forum. Y'all are great!

    Another questions, we have the threads set to legacy format which shows the avatar and pertinent info on the left hand side of the post. The personal quote is showing up on the Location. The reason is quite simple it is pointing to Field2 when it should be pointing to Field8. I went into templates and changed it the postbit and postbit_legacy templates to no avail. Is there another place I should be looking?


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    What is a personal quote? A custom field you made? Or is that a field you had in an older version 2.x of vBulletin?

    You can check with the custom profile fields what the field id for location is. (but 2 sounds about right)


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      Personal quote is a custome field we made back in 2.x. The field id for location in my db SHOULD be 2 but that is the personal quote field id right now. Currently my location field is located at Field8. So when someone posts it puts their personal quote in the location section.

      I changed Field2 (personal quote) to Field8(location) in postbit and postbit_legacy but it is still showing the personal quote so I was asking what other template should I look to modify?



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        That's all you should need to do, make sure you're editing the correct style.