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email problem & phpinfo question...

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  • email problem & phpinfo question...

    I'm having problems with mail being sent from the forums. (I've tried enabling the -f parameter and whatnot and have been thru a bunch of threads here...)

    Tried the email diagnostic, it says the message was sent okay, but I never received it...

    I am waiting for a reply on my support ticket with my host, but have one question...

    I was looking at my phpinfo and for the "path to sendmail" it has:

    /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

    What are the switches at the end, would they cause any problem?

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    Those switches are normal and shouldn't have any bearing on this problem. Try the email diagnostics in the Admin CP and report back the results:

    Admin CP -> Imports & Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Email

    If after all this you still don't get the email then this is a server and/or mailbox issue. You or your host will need to view the mail logs on the server to see what happened to those emails.

    You might also want to check this post for a server configuration issue that causes email problems:
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      -i When reading a message from standard input, don<B4>t treat a line with only a . character as the end of

      -t Extract recipients from message headers. This requires that no recipients be specified on the command

      from man sendmail

      doesn't look like those 2 would be an issue.

      If you try to install another php software that uses php-mail to mail, and it doesn't work-> it is your host.


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        Thanks Floris...

        I think I figured out what happened, I just need to get them straight about which server I am on... they said they found a typo in a setting, but I think they were looking at the wrong server (I ended up with multiple accounts I think :/)

        I'm moving 4 sites that I work on, I moved them yesterday to server A... got everything up and going and they said they needed to switch me to a different server, no big deal, it's transparent to the operation of the website... so I got moved to server B. Shortly after that, they moved everyone off of server A to server C... I was told that I was exempt because I was already moved... Now I am on server B and have everything running fine there, but the domain is pointing to server C and they think I am on server C, but all my work and everything is running fine on server B!!!!


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