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  • vbindex??

    I am not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask about VBindex, but I will ask anyway

    I have VBulletin 3.0 and a vbindex portal (temporary until VBportal releases something more compatible with vbulletin 3.0)

    There is a shoutbox. I am wondering if it's possible to remove someone's access to it. It appears that only unregistered/unlogged people CANNOT post in the shoutbox. I *think* users that are banned are able to shout.

    Anyway, I have a trouble maker on my forums. He doesn't do too much to the forum section, but talks a lot of crap in the shoutbox. If there is any way I can remove him from the shoutbox, it would make things a lot easier.

    Edit* There is an option to delete someone's shout, which is a lot better than not having an option to delete obviously, but a lot of the time i am not able to check it to see what he's doing, so a message can sit there for hours at a time.

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      It is a total mess.
      by DemOnstar
      I would say complete mess but complete it isn't.

      Before you mods, admins or whoever delete this thread please look at the following.
      I know already that it will be deleted on issues...
      Are you happy with the progress?
      Are you not happy with the progress?
      Mon 4 Mar '13, 2:50am