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    Hello ,

    We have different ranks on the board , and as the ranks go down , the members have less editing options ,, I would like some members to be able to edit , close , move , but NOT delete , but every time i set this in the user group and also on the forum primissions , it basicly doesnt display any editing options at all if i do not give them the delete powers . The only way i can , is by makin them supermods which i do not want as they are able to delete.

    i mean , i have tryed to set people the edit , close , move . But because i havnt clicked the delete icon , when they try to do these things in the thread tool bar they can see nothing , the only way they can see all the options is if they are made smod , or have the delete power.


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    Are you talking about editing, closing, and moving other people's posts or the user's own posts? Users can be granted permissions to manage their own posts without becoming a moderator. But if you want users to be able to manage other people's posts then they need to be a moderator of some kind.


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      umm , i dunno if i didnt make it to clear in my post , but i mean , i have me (admin ) can do all , then i have one rank under me ,
      Now this rank (one below me ) i want to be able to edit / move / close BUT NOT DELETE , but when i set each users powers , if i say NO , on the delete option , when u click on thread tools , nothing is there. The only way they can see the options to edit / move / close is if i tick yes on the Delete option, which i do not want ,

      Can u solve this ?


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        I will test this on my forums, but are you talking about managing other people's posts or the user's own posts? Are these moderators you are talking about?


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          i can do anything to the posts,
          But the 2nd rank from me , are not moderaters , i just set there user primishions to edit / move/ close , but then when it said delete i clicked no . But when i tested this 2nd rank with a test account , when i went into a thread , and clicked thread tools , there was nothing there. But then when i click yes on Delete , all the thread tools are there. And i made them a super mod , after and edited the supermod powers so they could only edit / move / close , but it gives them all of the options .

          this is very to me , i had the same problem with my last forum before i updated to this one , but seems it has the same problem


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            I have been unable to reproduce the problem you described where the Can Delete Own Threads permission determines whether or not the Admin Tools menu shows up. I assume you are talking about the Admin Tools options that are within the Thread Tools menu.

            If they are not moderators then the Admin Tools options will only show up when they are viewing their own threads.

            I looked at the code that determines whether or not the Admin Tools menu shows up:

            PHP Code:
            // #############################################################################
            // display admin options if appropriate

            if ( ( ( ( ($forumperms CANOPENCLOSE) OR ($forumperms CANMOVE)) AND $thread['postuserid'] == $bbuserinfo['userid']) OR can_moderate($forumid) ) AND !$thread['isdeleted']) // end big if
            $show['adminoptions'] = true;
            $show['adminoptions'] = false;

            That says the Admin Tools will show up if at least one of these conditions is true:
            1. The user created the thread, they have access to the forum that contains the thread, and they have permission to close or move their own threads.
            2. The user is a moderator for the forum containing the thread.

            So if the user is not a moderator then the first condition must be true or the Admin Tools menu will not show up.

            If this is not the behavior you are experiencing then fill out a support ticket with your forum information and we will take a look.


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              And super moderators are given all moderator powers by default. There is no way to selectively disable certain moderator powers for super moderators... they are super.


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                Thank you very much for your help it was good of you to take the time to answer . . I am still unsure of the reasons why this wasnt taken into consideraion
                when the coding of the forum was made , but i will take your advise and fill in the support ticket .

                Thank You


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