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    Hello ,

    We have different ranks on the board , and as the ranks go down , the members have less editing options ,, I would like some members to be able to edit , close , move , but NOT delete , but every time i set this in the user group and also on the forum primissions , it basicly doesnt display any editing options at all if i do not give them the delete powers . The only way i can , is by makin them supermods which i do not want as they are able to delete.


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    You should be able to give your members, all the options they need including delete, remember only smods + admins can hard delete posts. regular delete will only removed the thread / post from non staff view.


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      umm , but i mean , i have tryed to set people the edit , close , move . But because i havnt clicked the delete icon , when they try to do these things in the thread tool bar they can see nothing , the only way they can see all the options is if they are made smod , or have the delete power.


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