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Mass E-Mail Users Awaiting Confirmation

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  • Mass E-Mail Users Awaiting Confirmation


    Is there a way to add a "Mass E-Mail Users Awaiting Confirmation"?
    That way you can E-Mail them all at once instead of one at a time?

    This would be really useful for some of us.

    Andy Knifel

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    You can already.

    Admin Control Panel > Users > Send Email to Users > Write the email and select the usergroup you want to email. - In this case the users waiting email confirmation. You can include activaction codes & link & other variables.


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      Hi Floris,

      Yes, I understand. I'd like to make it a quick on the left side.

      Scott MacVicar did something like that for vB2.
      I'm just not good enough with PHP to convert it.

      Thanks for the quick responce, I hope you can help.
      Andy Knifel


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        This is what I'd like to acomplish:
        Andy Knifel


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          That is for version 2.


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            That is correct. I'm not smart enough to convert it to version 3.01.
            That is exactly what I am talking about though.
            Andy Knifel


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              You don't need to convert it.

              It is 1 click from the left menu, then select the usergroup & write email.
              The email can just hold the variables as suggested in the help text.

              In the message, you may use $userid, $username, $email, $activateid, and $activatelink.

              $activateid will be the activation number the user must use to activate his/her account. $activatelink will be the URL that a user needs to visit to be activated. Note: These will only be defined to users in the "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" group.
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                I do that all the time. :-)

                I need to specifically resend the registration E-Mail from when they signed up!

                A bulk generic message is very easy.
                Andy Knifel


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                  If you really want to convert the version 2 hack to version 3, you should ask on which is the hacking community. Here I can only assist you with default vBulletin features/options & template code changes.

                  Copy the phrase from the welcome email, put it in a .txt file and replace any variable with the variable you Can use in the mass emai form. And each time you need to mass email the validation users, copy/paste it.


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                    I did! no one thought it was important enough to waste their time.

                    I'd even pay a reasonable price for the hack.

                    I contacted Scott MacVicar via PM, no reponce.
                    I guess he's been very busy.
                    (I'm not complaing)
                    Andy Knifel


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                      I am sorry the community of didn't reply to your question. But I can't do it here either. Scott is indeed very busy to also work on custom hacks.
                      But besides that, as the screenshot shows, it is a default feature. Just not with pre-set text.


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                        Sorry for sounding stupid Floris and thanks for helping...

                        But how would I mass E-Mail users without changing group prefs?

                        I don't want the whole bord to get them.
                        Just the 20 or 50 users that never retruned the E-Mail.
                        That way I can figure out which accounts ARE bogus.
                        Andy Knifel


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                          See the attached image, all usergroups are unchecked, except the usergroup 'waiting email validation'. If you email them all, the ones with fake emails will bounce.


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                            If I did it correctly, this is what I got with the current batch:

                            Showing Users 1 to 6 of 6

                            1584 - moosryan .... Emailing Okay
                            1573 - squarebeat .... Emailing Okay
                            1569 - Brand New Day .... Emailing Okay
                            1566 - sandokan68 .... Emailing Okay
                            1564 - lucas123 .... Emailing Okay
                            1517 - Matthew .... Emailing Okay

                            Andy Knifel


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                              You can check with the usergroup manager to see how many users are in the emails validation usergroup.


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